Bosch 0928400627, 0928400617 Pressure Control Valve Regulator, Man 51125050027

Bosch 0928400627, 0928400617 Pressure Control Valve Regulator, Man 51125050027

Bosch 0928400627, 0928400617 Pressure Control Valve Regulator, Man 51125050027
Common Rail Pressure Control Valve. This is a genuine BOSCH product from GERMANY. It's NOT a Fake.

The fuel pressure control valve comprises a fuel-cooled solenoid valve. The valve opening is varied by its solenoid coil being pulse width modulated at a frequency of 1 KHz. When the pressure control valve is not activated, its internal spring maintains.

A fuel pressure of about 100 Bar. When the valve is activated. The force of the electromagnet aids the spring, reducing the opening of the valve. And so increasing fuel pressure.

The fuel pressure control valve also acts as. A mechanical pressure damper, smoothing the high frequency pressure pulses. Emanating from the radial piston pump when less than three pistons are activated.

BOSCH 0928400627 can be used in car models. MAN Lion's Coach, RHC 46.

MAN TGA 18.310 FA, FH. MAN TGA 18.310 FC, FK, F. MAN TGA 18.350 FA. MAN TGA 18.350 FA, FC, F.

MAN TGA 18.350 FA, FH. MAN TGA 18.350 FC, FK, F.

MAN TGA 18.390 FA, FH. MAN TGA 18.390 FA, FL.

MAN TGA 18.390 FC, FK, F. MAN TGA 18.430 FA, FH. MAN TGA 18.430 FC, FK, F.

MAN TGA 19.350 FL-, FC. MAN TGA 19.360 FL-, FC. MAN TGA 19.390 FL-, FC. MAN TGA 19.400 FL-, FC. MAN TGA 19.430 FL-, FC.

MAN TGA 24.350 FN, FP. MAN TGA 24.390 FN, FP. MAN TGA 24.430 FN, FP. MAN TGA 26.310 FD, FH, F.

MAN TGA 26.310 FD, FV. MAN TGA 26.350 FD, FH, F.

MAN TGA 26.350 FD, FV. MAN TGA 26.390 FD, FFD. MAN TGA 26.390 FD, FH, F. MAN TGA 26.430 FD. MAN TGA 26.430 FD, FH, F. MAN TGA 28.310 DF Low Entry. MAN TGA 28.310 FN. MAN TGA 28.350 DF Low Entry. MAN TGA 28.350 FN. MAN TGA 28.390 FN. MAN TGA 28.430 FN. MAN TGA 32.350 FFD. MAN TGA 32.390 FFD. MAN TGA 32.430 FFD. MAN TGA 33.310 FFD. MAN TGA 33.350 DF. MAN TGA 33.350 FD, FDA.

MAN TGA 33.350 FD-WW. MAN TGA 33.350 FDA. MAN TGA 33.360 FD-, FDA. MAN TGA 33.390 DF. MAN TGA 33.390 FD-WW.

MAN TGA 33.390 FDA. MAN TGA 33.400 FD-, FDA. MAN TGA 33.430 DF. MAN TGA 33.430 FD-WW. MAN TGA 33.430 FDA. MAN TGA 35.350 FFD. MAN TGA 35.350 FV. MAN TGA 35.350 VF. MAN TGA 35.390 FFD.

MAN TGA 35.390 FV. MAN TGA 35.430 FFD. May fits for other Makes / Models not listed!! Analogous , Fully interchangeable parts with BOSCH 0 928 400 617.

0 928 400 617 , 0928400617. Please make sure your existing part number matches one of the numbers listed above. If the number/s do not match, then the part will not work with your vehicle.

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BOSCH Regulador de pressão - CR Sistema. BOSCH Regulator tlaka - CR. BOSCH Regulátor tlaku - CR System.

BOSCH Regulator tlaka - CR sistem. BOSCH Paineensäädin - CR System. BOSCH Regolatore di pressione - CR System. BOSCH Valvola regolapressione - Sistema Common-Rail. BOSCH Regulator de presiune - CR System. BOSCH Tryckregulator - CR System. BOSCH Þrýstingur eftirlitsstofnanna - CR System. Thank you for visiting our store! We carry wide range of quality automotive parts at affordable prices. Please bookmark us and come again! The item "BOSCH 0928400627, 0928400617 PRESSURE CONTROL VALVE REGULATOR, MAN 51125050027" is in sale since Thursday, February 21, 2019. This item is in the category "eBay Motors\Parts & Accessories\Car & Truck Parts\Air Intake & Fuel Delivery\Fuel Inject. The seller is "sitnug71" and is located in European Union.

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Bosch 0928400627, 0928400617 Pressure Control Valve Regulator, Man 51125050027